Train the Trainer


Training the Trainer – a practical workshop on the creation and implementation of a successful internal training programme

This workshop is for training managers, co-ordinators and other training staff of public or private sector organisations).

Objectives of this workshop:

To maximise the effectiveness of training courses provided in-house using the organisation’s own resources.

Participants will gain:

  • Knowledge to plan and structure effective training
  • The ability to identify the type of training which is most appropriate for different people
  • Understanding how people learn
  • The skills to conduct a range of types of training
  • The opportunity to apply their knowledge and practise their skills
  • The opportunity to learn how to give interesting, high quality and varied training
  • The skills and the confidence to handle any technical hitches and difficult individuals
  • The methods to evaluate the effectiveness of their training
  • The confidence to apply all the knowledge and skills learned during this training in future for their own benefit, that of your organisation and that of anybody they are called on to train

Participants will learn:

  • Planning and Preparing the Training
  • Objectives of the training within the context of your organisation
  • How to conduct a training needs analysis
  • Background and expectations of attendees e.g. seniority, experience and interest
  • Match training methodologies and techniques to objectives
  • Structure a training programme
  • Preparing course materials
  • Training skills we will develop with you before you start training
  • Knowing and understanding your subject
  • Preparing attention grabbing openings
  • Presenting confidently and with enthusiasm
  • Voice projection and the use of a microphone
  • Engaging with your audience, and maintaining their interest
  • Planning the seating arrangements and learning environment
  • Reading and understanding body language
  • Use of training tools, such as flipcharts and slides (pros and cons)
  • Checking the environment and equipment – and preparing for the power outage

Giving the Training, including

  • Effective ice breakers for participants
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Managing challenging discussions
  • Using the video camera as a training tool
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback on all activities
  • Helping participants apply what they have learned when back at their place of work
  • Increase the effectiveness of the Training and evaluation of its application
  • Pooled discussion at start of the training about desired outcomes
  • Intermittently check these during the training
  • Use of ‘Happy sheets’
  • Periodically monitor the achievement of the desired outcomes (every 3-6 months)
  • Adjust and develop the training plan accordingly and re-implement


Structure and approach of the workshop

The workshop will include theory, discussion, checklists, case studies, exercises, presentations, examples,
tools and techniques. This unique workshop requires the trainer to demonstrate as well as teach their skills as a trainer.

Workshop outcomes

By the end of the workshop each participant will have created a training programme for the courses for which they will be responsible and presented two training modules. These will be filmed, and participants will receive video and personal feedback from other participants and from the trainers.

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