Negotiating for Success: seven steps to a successful negotiation

A one-day or two-day training course on negotiating


Objectives of this workshop:

The objectives of this practical workshop are to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of the delegates about negotiating, and to increase their effectiveness in creating better negotiated agreements.

Who is the workshop for?

Teams and individuals who interact with other stakeholders and who have to reach negotiated agreements with them. The training is applicable to:

  • team leaders
  • team managers
  • team members


Outline of the course

  1. Building your confidence through knowledge of the deal
  • What is the overall strategy to which these negotiations contribute?
  • What are the desired outcomes and consequences?
  • How important are the negotiations to the other side and to you?
  • What are the likely problem areas?
  1. Preparing your own side for the negotiation
  • Setting your goals for the negotiation
  • The negotiation mandate – the top three points which define your authority
  • Defining the possibles – what approaches can you develop to achieve your goals?
  • Understanding your own position - strengths and your weaknesses
  • Planning your negotiables -what can you offer?
  • What are the negotiation ground rules?
  • Agreeing team roles in the negotiation
  • Preparation class exercise
  1. Turning the tables – Developing the negotiation from the other side’s perspective
  • Analyse the position of the other side from their point of view
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the other side?
  • What do you have that the other side wants?
  • Anticipate the strategy and tactics of the other side - plan for contingencies
  • Class exercise
  1. Fine tuning your approach and honing your skills
  • Know your facts and your key documents
  • Plan your approach including your opening words and the expected response from the other side
  • Practice the negotiation
  • Plan and deliver on the logistics –welcome, rooms, timetable, meals
  • Role play using video camera


  1. Remaining objective
  • Be clear about the ‘Big Picture’
  • Secure your ‘must have’ points, and don’t negotiate on everything for its own sake
  • Keep your emotions in check and hidden
  • Spot the top 10 negotiating tactics the other side may use
  • Manage your own and your client’s expectations
  1. Achieving a mutually satisfactory outcome
  • Build rapport
  • Project trustworthiness
  • Generate creative options
  • Look for a way that both parties can emerge from the negotiations feeling good
  • Don't make promises you can't keep
  • Summarise and record the written agreement
  • Agree the next steps
  1. After the negotiation-lessons learned
  • communicate the results of the negotiation to all stakeholders
  • evaluate the results of your negotiation against your objectives
  • get feedback from your negotiating team
  • develop a revised plan in preparation for the next time


The workshop will include theory, discussion, checklists, case studies, role plays, class exercises, examples, presentations, tools, tips, traps and techniques. Some interactive parts of the workshop will be filmed on video, the output reviewed constructively and feedback given.

Outcome of the day

By the end of the day participants will have a good understanding of what comprises and how to prepare for a negotiation, and will have practiced their negotiating skills on relevant examples within the safe environment of the classroom. They will leave with a practical negotiation framework they can apply in future when they return to their offices.


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