“Partnering with the private sector in delivering public services”

A tailor-made practical workshop on public private partnerships and other partnering models, to deliver reform through innovation in service delivery, procurement and finance.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for leaders and senior managers in developing countries who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of what is involved in partnering with the private sector in delivering public services, and who the share an agenda for driving reform in public service delivery, procurement and finance.

Objectives of the workshop are:

  • to develop the knowledge and skills of officials in the PPP area
  • to increase the capacity and capability of public sector bodies to address and implement successfully the reform agenda through public private partnering
  • to develop a robust five-step structure for your partnering plan: Researching, Planning, Financing, Implementing and Reviewing

Outline topics of the workshop “Partnering with the private sector in delivering public services”

1. Why partner with the private sector?

  • The Private sector as an agent of change
  • The case for change – cultural, social, economic and financial
  • Where does private sector add most value?

2. How to choose the right model to partner with the private sector?

  • The traditional service delivery model
  • Privatisation
  • Strategic outsourcing
  • Joint venture and other kinds of partnering

3. What are the Modern Procurement techniques for developing a PPP?

  • Market development and market testing
  • Output based specifications
  • Managing the tender process
  • Managing the transition and the contract post-award
  • Managing the competitive environment

4. How to finance a PPP?

  • How does the money work in PPP?
  • Financial options

5. What are the Human Resources Management implications of PPP ?

  • What happens to the people involved in a PPP
  • Key Skills needed to implement a PPP

6. How to manage the risks with PPP?

  • Analysing, transferring and mitigating the risks

7. How does the relationship with government change after PPP?

  • Nature of the new contract with government
  • Need for an appropriate regulatory framework

8. PPP – a Ten Year Review

  • UK experience
  • Other countries’ experience with public private partnership
  • Why do some PPPs succeed and others fail?
  • Lessons Learned

9. PPP and Us – How do we start to prepare to partner with the private sector?

  • Researching, Planning, Financing, Implementing, and reviewing the PPP


Structure and approach of the workshop

The workshop will take place over five working days at a venue to be provided by the client and will include theory, discussion, checklists, case studies, exercises, examples, presentations, tools, tips, traps and techniques. Some interactive parts of the workshop will be filmed on video and the output reviewed constructively with delegates.


Workshop outcomes

By the end of the workshop each participant will have a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of partnering with the private sector in delivering public services. He or she will understand how to make the case for a public private partnership model, what the options available are, and their implications. Delegates will be able to contribute effectively to the planning process by creating an outline plan for a potential public private partnering venture within their own sector.


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